Best Dermatologists in Los Angeles

Best Dermatologists in Los AngelesOver time, your skin can change considerably. It may lose resilience, develop fine lines, become dry or sensitive and lose volume. You may notice more wrinkles and skin folds developing on your face, neck and décolletage. Discolorations may mar the surface of your skin, and you may notice an increase in spider veins or other unsightly dermatologic conditions. Dr. Ghasri, one of the best dermatologists in Los Angeles, can help you restore and rejuvenate your appearance using a precise combination of procedures that are carefully designed to work with your skin type and tone.

Dr. Ghasri, one of Los Angeles best dermatologists, focuses not just on the skin itself but also the underlying structures and facial anatomy in order to provide you with the best results possible. We pay careful attention to the bones, muscles and tissues of your face as we work to create the most natural appearance possible. We can use facial fillers to plump and refresh your overall appearance and reduce the look of deep lines. Injections can stop expression lines from marring your appearance while laser treatments can help refine skin, improve the appearance of birthmarks or eliminate unwanted hair.

Best Dermatologists Los Angeles

The beauty of your skin is intricately connected to the health of your skin. Dr. Ghasri, one of best dermatologists in Los Angeles, can treat numerous dermatologic conditions, including warts, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, skin cancer, sexually transmitted infections, acne, hyperhidrosis, scars, burns, skin tags and rashes. We understand that you have unique skin care needs, and we carefully design a treatment plan that will address these needs.

Education is at the base of our practice: We want each of our patients to be well-informed about their various treatment options so that they can make the decisions that are best for them. Dr. Ghasri, one of Los Angeles best dermatologists, is experienced and highly skilled, and can perform non-invasive nasal reshaping, lip enhancement, eyebrow lifts, chin enhancement and other facial re-contouring procedures along with needed medical treatments so that you can look and feel your very best.

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