Chemical Peels Cost Los Angeles

Chemical Peels Cost Los Angeles

Chemical Peels Cost Los AngelesChemical peels are a fast way for many patients to rejuvenate their appearance. Offering reduction or elimination of unwanted wrinkles, freckles, scars and age spots, chemical peels work by removing the damaged topmost layers of skin. Results begin to appear shortly after treatment as the body begins to repair the treated skin. Here is more about our chemical peels cost in Los Angeles, the types of peels available and who may be a candidate.

Types of Chemical Peels

Chemical peels can be divided into superficial, medium and deep categories. Superficial peels affect only the outermost layers of skin and are equally effective for patients with most types of skin. Medium peels affect deeper layers of skin than superficial peels and require different peeling agents to work. Finally, deep peels are reserved for use on the face and are normally used only on lighter skin because they can cause hyperpigmentation on darker skin types.

Factors Affecting Chemical Peel Cost

Our chemical peels cost in Los Angeles can vary based on a number of factors. For peels that require more aftercare from Dr. Ghasri, total treatment costs may be higher. Deep peels cost more than light peels, more sessions are more expensive than fewer, and the use of anesthesia or treatment for complications may also increase the cost of treatment. Because individual differences and treatment options are both important in determining costs, a meeting with Dr. Ghasri is essential for a personalized cost estimate.

Candidates for Chemical Peel

Many patients with fair skin and light hair can benefit from investing in our chemical peels cost in Los Angeles. However, some patients with darker skin may also benefit from the use of this treatment for certain cosmetic flaws. All patients should have realistic expectations for what a chemical peel can accomplish. Some issues, including bulges and heavy wrinkles, must be addressed with treatments other than chemical peel.

Our skin doctor in Los Angeles, Dr. Ghasri, informs all patients on how to prepare for a chemical peel and how to care for their skin afterwards. Procedures can vary based on the type of chemical peel selected and the nature of the flaws being targeted. At a consultation with Dr. Ghasri, patients can learn more about our chemical peels cost in Los Angeles and find out if they are candidates.

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