Nail Disorders

Medical Dermatology - Nail Disorders

Cardiovascular Nail Disorders

  • Nail Splinter Hemorrhage
  • Nail Telangiectasia

Color Finding Nail Disorders

  • Half and Half Nails
  • Nail Discoloration
  • Terry's Nails
  • Yellow Nail Syndrome

Infectious Diseases of The Nails

  • Acute Paronychia
  • Chronic Paronychia

Linear Nail Disorders

  • Mees' Line
  • Muehrcke's Line
  • Nail Longitudinal Striation
  • Transverse Linear Nail Lesion

Miscellaneous Nail Disorders

  • Ingrown Toenail
  • Koilonychia
  • Nail Abnormality
  • Nail Pitting
  • Onycholysis

Traumatic Nail Injuries

  • Nail Bed Laceration
  • Subungual Hematoma


The process and treatment was painless, quick and effecctive. My hats off to Dr. Ghasri.

Xavier M., Yelp

I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a caring Dr who knows his stuff!

Lynne A., Yelp

Amazing! I had my first appt this past weekend and Dr. Ghasri was extremely professional, friendly and thorough.

~ Geoff T., Yelp

Dr. Ghasri is really as good as it gets. If there were a 10-star option, I'd pick that.

Meg S., Yelp

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